Hairy Giggles

Hairy Giggles

Interesting title eh? Well it will all come to make sense here in a bit. 

I awoke Saturday morning with the excitement of knowing I didn’t have to work, and was ready to enjoy a fun filled day. The highlight of my day would be seeing Toy Story 4 with my brother and his family and then having some dinner and playing Wizards Unite. Toy Story has been my favorite movie since I saw it twenty-three years ago when I was the same age as my oldest niece! Crazy realization! 

There were some other things I had to take care of before I would head out to the movie, one of which being my regular waxing appointment for my eyebrows, upper lip, and legs. This would be the second time I was getting my legs waxed and I have had to let the hair grow out so I can have the best results when waxing. As I was getting ready for my waxing appointment, I was trying to think of which pants I could wear that would cover the forest on my legs, but also be easy to roll up while I was waxed. I soon discovered I had truly given in to the skinny jeans trend and had not a single pair of pants that I could roll up easily or would not require me having to show my bloomers while getting waxed. I looked over at my shorts pile and thought “oh gosh no! What if someone sees me!” As if my future soulmate would be between here and the waxing salon and would be repulsed by my hairy legs and not declare his love for me. As if every person I knew personally and professionally would be lined up outside my apartment to stare at my legs and make judgments. I soon discovered how silly my hesitation to wear shorts was, and grabbed my favorite pair and a Toy Story themed t-shirt. I then had a burst of energy because dang it, I looked good and was ready to hit it. I danced to my favorite Jon Bellion tracks as I finished getting ready and then bounced out of the door. 

As I got outside, I felt the wind hit my legs, and it felt different, but really good. Having my leg hair blow in the wind was definitely a new sensation, but I smiled and giggled all the way across the parking lot to my car because I liked it. If my future soulmate was out there, he would have appreciated the smile on my face from something so silly and would have laughed with me, if he was my true soulmate. Anyone passing judgment isn’t for me anyhow. I headed to the salon and had my little morning smile producers removed. When I walked back to my car afterwards, I felt the sun on my legs and they felt different, of course, but still pretty good. If I met my soulmate now, I would look “normal” and have a pretty funny story to tell. Win! 

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